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Selasa, 21 April 2009

um.. these day i feel so bored.

i have holiday bout 10 days because of our senior having national examination so here i am, at home doing nothing..

and these day i'm not allowed to use internet, that's why to killing the time i made some NewS gif randomly..

i made it from not-really-old video that i like^^ and also one from magazine..

*when i still amateur*


aah, this from a magz scans


(maybe the gif is very slow to move, but it still gif.. umm, depend on the net connection i think)


_i believe that some1 has made this image, but this one is purely i made by myself-

*haha i love this terminator, i  edited it a little.. just like sadako man version>_<, if sadako like this, i want him always disturbing me~♥*


*from vs Arashi~ aaah, tesshi... chuu me~♥*


*from hey hey hey when weeeek single*

-for massu i edited a little-      -i like kei-chan sneezing-

massu-ulang-ulang achoooooo

that's all for now>_<

i gonna make shabake one~

thanks for ur attention:-)

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23.00 ; おにぎり'
Senin, 13 April 2009

Haha, i changed my blog name. the other one

and my friend said that it’s kinda weird ^_^’. yeah maybe it sound weird.

most of my friend ask “what does it mean? aurorin bore(d)alis?? weiiird!!”

aaagh~ i have to describe it clearly here..

First, today i studied Geo-science at school, so we learn bout aurora and hallo..

so…. i took my blog name from Aurora borealis which mean northern polar lights, as it is only visible in the sky from the Northern Hemisphere,

then, my friend usually called me Rin that’s why i convert aurora to auroRin :-)

and borealis become bore(d)alis, it mean bored…

haha…’s weird, eh?

just visit my wordpress

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07.56 ; おにぎり'

yaaay!! after long time on hiatus, then i'm back and start blogging again..

umm, actually i have two blog adress..



Yesterday was my mom’s b’day!!!

i love her so much>_<

and this morning we made suprise party for her. We bought a cake for her and hwen she just come back from the market, we stand in front of the door waiting for her.

then when she came in to the door, we shouted “Happy Birthday MOM!!!”

my mom was very suprise. She thought that nobody remember her birthday.

Haha, we took some picture while my mom blew the candle, and when me and my family feeding up the cake to her..

she cried..

haha, i Love my Mom!

this is the picture of that cake:-)


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07.16 ; おにぎり'
Sabtu, 20 September 2008
i have favourite singer, i love him very much cause he has unique voice character and childish character too.He's a part of boyband NEWS. I started to love them went i saw the leader play in dorama Nobuta wo produce,
so i tried to find the info of him. NewS consist of 6 member and 3 ex-member.
My favourite member is Tegoshi Yuya, as i said before ha has childish
<---*kawaii Tesshi* character that make everyone faint. He has cute face like someone without sins. but you know he's really an ero-ouji or it mean ero prince. I'm little bit shock when i know some of his friends and fans call him "Tesshi" (O_o) cause you know why? in my country, Tesi is the name of comedian.
He is a man but dressed like a woman. An Tesi is famous comedian in Indonesia. (Just compare the cuteness between them and imagine how shock i am when i know the nickname of someone that steal my heart (lebay) Aww~~~~~ It really sHock me at that day.... I don't know what kind of responses of Tegoshi's fans if they know about it.. Lol, i can't imagine. But Indonesian Tesi is funny guy~~ *Can't stop thinking bout the response* >____<

~~Tesi the comedian~~


11.24 ; おにぎり'
Selasa, 09 September 2008
Imageblog aku adalah blog paling membosankan
yang pernah kamu temukan di dunia ini bukan? soal
nya aku nulisnya waktu aku bosan..Image
Image Image Image
i hate my school life
Image Image no love, no lolipop..
Image wish to the star that i can do a big thing so that i change my worldImage
let me escape from this boring time!!


Image but i still thanked to god that i have lot of friends so that i can survive in my boring world..

bye bye boring letter!!!


02.42 ; おにぎり'
Minggu, 07 September 2008
di Indonesia susah banget berkoordinasi tingkat dunia secara personal (anak SMA)..
aku mau ngirim uang ke Jepun ajj susahny gak tanggung-tanggung sulitnya..
banyakan pajaknya dari pada uang yg mau dikirm

02.10 ; おにぎり'
Kamis, 21 Agustus 2008
akhirnya NewS ngeluarin single terbarunya juga setelah single terakhir summer time dan dvd concertnya di tokyo dome...
nah single terbarunya ini juga disponsori oleh produk bath makanya namanya jadi Happy Bath day.
akan released pada hari pertama lebaran loh, jadi punya banyak duit buat beli.

Nih limited edition
Catalog No.: JECN-175
Label/Distributor: Sony Music Entertainment
Format: CD
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2008/10/01
Price: 952yen (1000yen Tax incl.)
[IDR 715.79]
F.S. Points: 28 points
Item weight: 120 g
Availability: on the release date
masih ada loh ayo pesen di cdjapan

regular edition di cdjapan

keterangan sama harganya juga...

08.11 ; おにぎり'
Halo! kumustaKa! Goddag! Hello! hola! mosHi-moshi! nuqneH! welcome, irrashaimasen, Selamat DataNg!! yatta! i can make my own weB bLog page... i wrote This page when i'm in faD (iseng-iseng gitu bahasa indonesianya).... i wrote what i want to wroTe, in it i can express my self.. i hopE this page can be useful for everYone whO visit mY paGe... oF course there are so manY mistakes on it but i hoPe aLl of you can tolerate it.. oK minna, enJoy yoUr visit!!!☻☻☻

Hi, i'm Nisya.. 16 yearS olD, for now i study in 1st senior high school in Jambi

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