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One of the characteristics of a Tasmanian Devil is its large ears, head and shoulders, powerful set of jaws and strong canine teeth. The Tasmanian Devil is black with a white stripe across the rump and chest. The Tasmanian Devil usually grows to between 50 centimetres to 60 centimetres long. It usually stands between 20 centimetres and 30 centimetres at the shoulder and can weigh up to 12kg but usually weighs between 6kg to 10kg


The Tasmanian Devil lives in Tasmania. It used to live on the mainland but became extinct on there 600 years ago because of the dingoes. The Tasmanian Devil lives all over Tasmania except for a small corner of South West Tasmania. They live in areas where there is dense bush or scrub land and make their home in hollow logs and rocks.


The Tasmanian Devil is a carnivorous marsupial which means they eat meat. They will kill birds and small animals but the Tasmanian Devil is mainly a scavenger that prefers to eat the carcasses of dead animals. They are not good hunters and so prefer to scavenge for their food. This is good for the farmers because they clear up dead animals and stop disease from spreading. They eat basically everything and this means they eat bones, fur and everything else. They eat possums, small wallabies, kangaroos, reptiles, they steal eggs they basically eat anything.


Although Tasmanian Devils look and sound ferocious, they can become very friendly. The Tasmanian Devil competes with the Spotted tail Quoll for food but it could also be its saviour in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Devil fights for food and survival. They have a ferocious sounding growl which contributed to their name because the early settlers thought they sounded like a devil. It has a whining growl followed by a cough or hollow fearsome growl when angry. Their ears are usually pink but turn red when they are angry or distressed.


Most Devils start breeding in their second year. Devils mate in March, the male Devil carries the female around for 3 weeks for safety and she gives birth alone in April. When the babies are born they are as big as the top of a matchstick. Tasmanian Devils have up to 20 babies but only four babies can live in the pouch so at least 16 will not make it to the pouch. Usually 2-4 babies are born the second time out of the pouch. . Devils live up to 7-8 years.


1.The Tasmanian Devil once lived on Mainland Australia 600 years ago but is now extinct there.

2.More then 50 Tasmanian devils die each year.

3.The tail of a Tasmanian devil looks somewhat like a small bear.

4.The Tasmanian Devil is mainly a scavenger.

5.The Tasmanian Devil may be terror of the Spotted Tail Quoll but it may also be its saviour.

6.The Tasmanian Devil is also called the Native Devil.

7.The Tasmanian Devil can walk for 16km.

8. They see in black and white.

9. They have bad eye sight and walk rather clumsily.

10. On rough terrain Tasmanian Devils can run faster then humans but on smooth terrain they cannot run as fast.

11. The Tasmanian Devil stores its fat in its tail therefore a fat tail means a healthy devil.



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