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Sabtu, 20 September 2008
i have favourite singer, i love him very much cause he has unique voice character and childish character too.He's a part of boyband NEWS. I started to love them went i saw the leader play in dorama Nobuta wo produce,
so i tried to find the info of him. NewS consist of 6 member and 3 ex-member.
My favourite member is Tegoshi Yuya, as i said before ha has childish
<---*kawaii Tesshi* character that make everyone faint. He has cute face like someone without sins. but you know he's really an ero-ouji or it mean ero prince. I'm little bit shock when i know some of his friends and fans call him "Tesshi" (O_o) cause you know why? in my country, Tesi is the name of comedian.
He is a man but dressed like a woman. An Tesi is famous comedian in Indonesia. (Just compare the cuteness between them and imagine how shock i am when i know the nickname of someone that steal my heart (lebay) Aww~~~~~ It really sHock me at that day.... I don't know what kind of responses of Tegoshi's fans if they know about it.. Lol, i can't imagine. But Indonesian Tesi is funny guy~~ *Can't stop thinking bout the response* >____<

~~Tesi the comedian~~


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Selasa, 09 September 2008
Imageblog aku adalah blog paling membosankan
yang pernah kamu temukan di dunia ini bukan? soal
nya aku nulisnya waktu aku bosan..Image
Image Image Image
i hate my school life
Image Image no love, no lolipop..
Image wish to the star that i can do a big thing so that i change my worldImage
let me escape from this boring time!!


Image but i still thanked to god that i have lot of friends so that i can survive in my boring world..

bye bye boring letter!!!


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Minggu, 07 September 2008
di Indonesia susah banget berkoordinasi tingkat dunia secara personal (anak SMA)..
aku mau ngirim uang ke Jepun ajj susahny gak tanggung-tanggung sulitnya..
banyakan pajaknya dari pada uang yg mau dikirm

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Halo! kumustaKa! Goddag! Hello! hola! mosHi-moshi! nuqneH! welcome, irrashaimasen, Selamat DataNg!! yatta! i can make my own weB bLog page... i wrote This page when i'm in faD (iseng-iseng gitu bahasa indonesianya).... i wrote what i want to wroTe, in it i can express my self.. i hopE this page can be useful for everYone whO visit mY paGe... oF course there are so manY mistakes on it but i hoPe aLl of you can tolerate it.. oK minna, enJoy yoUr visit!!!☻☻☻

Hi, i'm Nisya.. 16 yearS olD, for now i study in 1st senior high school in Jambi

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